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I am an intellectual and adventurer. I am a Network Engineer by trade, working mostly with networking equipment and servers. I like to mess around with electronics, cars, motorcycles, and almost anything mechanical. I spend some of time doing video and photography work for fun. I have been known to experiment with cooking.

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I'll work on any OS.

Currently I'm running, Windows 10, MacOS 10.10, Ubuntu 14.10, CentOS7, and OpenStack running Ubuntu, Centos, and Windows Server 12.

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Stas T. Wright


Design, Install, and Support Network Systems.


1999–2015 A. Duie Pyle, Inc. West Chester, PA

Network Engineer

  • I have helped the company’s IT department grow from 300 computer, network and server systems across 13 locations to over 3000 pieces of equipment across 26 locations.

  • I have developed a cabling system in our network racks, and data closets that eliminated complicated wiring traces & wiring messes.

  • I have provided secure ways to for customers to install their own computer and data systems. This is very important to our warehousing business.

  • As the company has grown I have evolved from a Helpdesk Technician, to Helpdesk Manager, Network Engineer, and Phone System Tech. I am currently focusing my expertise to the network engineering tasks.

  • I am Cisco, Riverbed, Radware, Infoblox, and Blue Coat Trained. I work with Routers, Firewalls, Switches, VPN Switches, WAN Optimizers, Load Balancers, Virtualization, and other Network related equipment on a daily basis.

  • I have an excellent knowledge of various UNIX platforms. I have contributed to some extremely important areas of our IBM AIX to Red Hat Linux Migration.

  • I have an excellent knowledge of shell scripting, and intermediate knowledge of other various interpreted languages including Perl, Python, Java, etc…

  • I work directly with wide area network data service providers in facilitating new installs and troubleshooting existing data services.

  • I have trained & provided documentation to the helpdesk, and my backup person on network LAN & WAN trouble shooting & repair procedures.

  • I define procedures and specifications for technical related material. I prepare business cases for equipment, I provide comparisons of relevant products, and I provide appropriate justification for funds needed.

  • I am a certified fiber optic installer, and have done extensive fiber and copper network installations.

1996–1999 Collegeville, PA

Senior Computer Technician

  • My main responsibility was building and repairing computer systems.

  • Onsite network and computer repair.

  • In shop and computer show sales.

  • Develop relationships with customers including school district directors that provided more business for the company.

  • Provide specialized information about Networks, UNIX, and other technology.

1992–1996 Laminators Inc. Hatfield, PA

Sales Shipping & Technical Support

  • Setup and configured a developing companies computer systems

  • Provided support and repaired computers as needed.

  • Provided solutions through extensive research, and knowledge of the computer industry.

  • Worked directly with inside sales shipping sample products to distributors.


1991–1994 St Pius X High School Pottstown, PA

  • General high school studies.

  • I took extra science classes and computer related courses.

1994–1996 Montgomery County Community College North Whales, PA

  • Electrical Engineering, CIS and Graphics Design

  • Basic electronics, semiconductors, and ROM programming.

  • Programming in C, Pascal, Binary, HTML and Visual Basic.

  • 3D design, Computer Aided Graphics, Visual Design.

  • UNIX system administration on IBM AIX mainframe.

  • Novell Server, Clients, Token Ring, and Ethernet Equipment


Building, and fixing computers, Fixing cars, Electronics, Playing Guitar.


In Cisco’s IOS using the command `show cdp neighbor detail | include (---|Device ID|IP address|Platform|Interface)` will show you what devices are providing CDP information, IP address, what type of device it is, and what port it’s on. This is very helpful when you lack documentation on connected equipment that supports CDP.